Our Team

What sets our team apart from the rest in the industry is our attention to our clients. We take time tounderstand your unique needs and goals. Our real estate services are tailor-made from that understanding and our sole focus is to provide an unmatched experience and service for you.
Our passion is helping every one of our clients navigate the process of selling and buying their home and helping them meet their highest needs and goals. Michael’s extensive training in sales and negotiation over the past 10 years has proved to be a valuable resource to our clients, as we have been able to consistently deliver results above expectations. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
CONSULT with our clients to discover their reasons for change. We uncover any assumptions and use our experience and knowledge to offer all possible options and avoid pitfalls. We create a custom game plan to best use the current market conditions to your advantage and to get you the best possible results whether buying, selling, or both.
ASSIST. Whether preparing the home for sale to maximize the sale price with the least investment, or helping you understand the process and holding your hand every step of the way in the purchase of your first home, we’re there for you.
COMMUNICATE in our clients’ preferred style, method and frequency. When you put your trust in us, we value it and make sure that this exciting time of change in your life is as easy as it can be.We make sure you always know where you are in the process and what comes next, so that you’re always prepared and confident we are taking care of everything. Whether it’s through text, email or phone call, once a week or daily, we focus on you and communicate your way.
LOOK AROUND CORNERS for you. We anticipate possible issues before they become obstacles to getting you the best possible results. There are many things about the home, or your particular situation, which can have serious effects on the ability to close on the deal, or have potential for litigation or very costly tax implications that blindside many people.
FIND SOLUTIONS. Through our expertise, communication, negotiation skills, we’ll be able to prevent most issues. Because we partner with professionals in related fields like accounting, law, construction, home inspections and more, you have the benefit of a large team looking out for your best interest.
The best alternative to a cure is prevention, but if an issue does arise, you’ll be glad to have us in your corner. We’ve always been there for our clients and our testimonials are filled with stories of exceptional negotiating, problem solving and creative solutions that have delivered over and above results.
BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Many of our past clients are now our friends, and we look forward to being there for you and those close to you. The best part of our business is the relationships that we’re building, and the ability to be there when we’re needed is the most rewarding part. Not just for the transactions, but to break bread, have a coffee, answer questions and assist with anything where our knowledge or contacts can benefit you.