Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Zoran Filipovic

As an investor, having Michael as a realtor made all the difference in having a successful project or failing at it. He acted very quickly in finding a property that was just right. When every house on the market was selling over asking price he worked very hard and very quickly when a house became available. In the end due to his professionalism and dedication we managed to close a deal on a house that we bought 20,000 under asking. Later on he helped us a lot with the budgeting for the renovation and to set out a clear plan so we succeed in our investment. Even during the renovation he didn't disappear or waited for us to finish the renovation and then just to sell it again. He was very very helpful in offering a different point of view and giving pointers on what people are looking for in homes currently. Due to our good working relationship we sold the house with multiple offers and over asking price. I am very very happy at how everything worked out and would highly recommend Michael to any investor that's looking to invest in real estate. At the end of the day working with Michael made all the difference in making more money.

By: Edmundo Heiras

Michael sold us our dream home, and we weren't even shopping for a house. We met him through a Facebook ad for a house that he was selling. The pictures looked really good and everything about the house was how we were picturing our move up home. We ended up buying it and we couldn't be happier. The worst thing is that it almost did not happen. The lawyer told us last minute that he had to hold 25% from the sale of our townhouse, and we wouldn't have enough money for the closing. We spent the next two days constantly on the phone with him and lawyers. I can't remember how, but it was an accountant that he recommended us who proved the lawyer wrong and we managed to close. It was an incredibly stressful couple of days, but Michael was there for us every time we called, and he never gave up. He was reading the law and sending us more information, getting other options and finally finding the accountant who was an expert in tax law who finally found a way out. Most people would have believed the lawyer. We would have lost the house and most likely been in two lawsuits. Not Michael. Had it been someone else, we never would have found our home. Or if we did, we would have lost it and instead got into two lawsuits and we had a six month old baby. He made all the difference, we're incredibly glad it was him.

By: Amruta Bhavsar

Michael helped us find a perfect home! Being first time homebuyers we needed guidance every step of the way. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient throughout the process. When we interviewed him, he gave fantastic answers and we were sure we wanted to work with him. We spent a month or two looking at houses and he was patient throughout the process. Michael understands the market very well, his extensive experience helped us get insight on the value of a home. He goes above and beyond to help inspect a home and point out the pros and cons. We are glad we met him and got our first home through him

By: Mike Minnis

My wife and I took the decision to put our house up for sale about 4 weeks ago. We have not been active in the real estate market for many years and decided to list our home through a low cost brokerage. After a week of dismal showings we decided to contact Michael and explore different options. Michael gave us an honest appraisal of our situation and layed out a strategy with the utmost confidence that he could get us to the price point we were looking for or even higher. With a little trepidation we decided to put our trust in Michael. Let me tell you we are very glad we did. Michael's knowledge of the market and professionalism were apparent immediately. He had a new listing and virtual tour along with other social media presence up and running in very short order. The difference in interest between the listing was immediate and drastic. Five days of solid showings and an open house led us to a substantial number of excellent offers. We accepted an offer $55,000 dollars higher than the price we hoped to receive! Michael delivered everything he promised and more and was incredibly easy to work with. I really can't say enough about how positive an experience we had with Michael. If you happen to be in the market yourself, do yourself a favour and contact Michael Novac.